Old Actonians Disciplinary Process

This process is intended to support OA’s code of conduct which each member has agreed to.

This process will only be initiated if a child persistently ignores repeated verbal warnings from the coaching staff, endangers the safety of other child/children, or causes damage to property i.e. this is not undertaken lightly.

Ultimate responsibility for disciplinary matters lies with the coaching team. If the following process is invoked then at each stage the coach concerned will;-

  • Communicate with the parents of the child concerned both verbally and confirm the conversation in writing (email where possible) as soon as possible after the event.
  • Clearly indicate both the nature of the sanction, the proposed duration and remedial action required.
  • Copy the team rep on any relevant correspondence.

Stage 1

This would be initiated if a child has persistently ignored verbal warnings from the coaching staff over a period of time.

  • The appropriate sanction would be agreed by the coaches’ eg suspension from training, part or full session, suspension from a match etc.
  • The sanction , reason for it and required change in behaviour , with timeframe to be communicated to
    • the child(verbally at the training session)
    • the parent verbally either in person or by phone within 2 days, followed by an email confirming the conversation cc the team rep(2 days because then if they have been suspended from the match on Sunday the parent will be aware ahead of time)

Stage 2

This would be initiated if the child had already received a Stage 1 warning and the required change in attitude or behaviour had not taken place.

  • A second sanction with timing would be agreed & communicated as above with the addition that this is a FINAL warning and any further failure to comply will result in a long term suspension or possible expulsion from the club.
  • At this stage a joint meeting should be held with the child, parent, and coach & at the parent’s discretion either the team rep or another committee member. The purpose of this meeting would be to ensure that all parties clearly understood that this is the final warning, and appropriate strategies are agreed by all concerned to support an improvement in behaviour and retain the child.


This would be initiated if a child had failed to improve or continued to misbehave having received 2 written warnings.

  • The coaches must agree whether to suspend the child on a permanent or temporary basis and then  communicate this ;-
    • To the child and Parent verbally & confirm immediately in writing cc team rep.